Coronavirus - examinations and courses


In the following you will find information regarding our University’s measure to confine SARS-CoV-2 below.

Regarding teaching:

As you already know, the state of Baden-Württemberg has suspending all academic teaching at higher education institutions until 19 April (as things stand today). As ordered by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the state of Baden-Württemberg, all ongoing teaching courses in the state, i.e., including those at Ulm University, must be suspended as of now until 19 April 2020. This includes all classes, laboratory courses, seminars and preparatory and induction courses (training courses, language courses/preparatory courses (Propädeutikum), excursions, etc.) for students as well as all events for doctoral students. Until teaching resumes, all conferences, congresses and other public events are cancelled independently of the number of participants. In view of the very dynamic developments in connection with the spread of the coronavirus and the resulting official orders, we cannot yet provide any information regarding consequences for teaching in the upcoming summer semester 2020.  The University board and the corona crisis team are in close consultation with the competent ministries and departments. We are pressing ahead and expanding the digitalisation of teaching at Ulm University. Lecturers are obliged to make courses available online wherever they can. We are looking for alternatives for events and teaching formats that necessarily require attendance in consultation with the Deans of Studies. Use of the Moodle platform for the organisation of studies and distribution of materials to allow students self-study is obligatory.

Regarding examinations:

As of now, all academic examination in any form (written, oral, electronic, doctoral exams, final papers) are cancelled until further notice. All deadlines for such final papers are automatically extended by the duration of the closure of the university library, i.e., by five weeks based on current information. Any registrations for exams scheduled before 20 April 2020 are cancelled by the Studiensekretariat (student administration and examinations office). Registrations for final papers are excepted. Exam inspection sessions (Klausureinsichten) are postponed until further notice.  Exam periods are interrupted: There is no risk of loss of right to examination and termination of enrolment. We are aware of the impact this will have on your studies.  We will try to cushion the negative effects on studies and examinations as much as we can.  We will inform you of alternative dates in due time.   Regarding state examinations, the Ministry of Science is currently consulting with the competent Federal State Examination Offices (Landesprüfungsämter) to find a short-term solution.

Closure of University buildings:

The University library is closed with immediate effect until 19 April (as things stand today). Moreover, all computer pools and University Sports as well as the gym Unifit are closed. Based on a ministerial decree, you are not allowed to enter the University any more unless your facility absolutely requires your presence on site to ensure ongoing operability. Before this background, the University administration, in particular the whole Dezernat (Division) II Student and International Affairs suspends all personal interactions with the public and operates electronically.  Please find relevant information on the web pages of the respective administrative department.

As further measures and restrictions may be taken, we urgently request you to check emails on a daily basis and to regularly look for updates on our website. Here, you will find all you need to know about the current situation.  Please refrain from individual inquiries. 

The current situation requires a reorganisation of measures in many areas at Ulm University - some of them with immediate effect. We are well aware that this has personal disadvantages for you. All of us are responsible for ensuring that the health of others, especially that of the elderly and of persons with pre-exiting conditions is not damaged and that the University stays functional as far as possible. 

Yours Ulm University