Open API

The AristaFlow BPM Suite provides an Open Application Programm Interface (Open API) for all system functions. This enables the relization of application- and domain-specific tools and clients.
On the one hand, using the buildtime and runtime components provided by the AristaFlow BPM Suite, one can already realize flexible process-aware information systems. On the other hand, using the AristaFlow Open API, it additionally becomes possible to integrate parts of the AristaFlow BPM Suite as workflow service into existing software packages (e.g., healthcare informations systems, enterprise resource management software, or supply chain management systems).
The AristaFlow Open API covers buildtime as well as runtime functions. Thus, software providers can realize customized clients (including process editors) that fit best to their software package.
For implementing a workflow client that shall enable ad-hoc insertions of activities at the process instance level, for example, the application developer can make use of the following system functions provided by the AristaFlow Open API:

  • Querying the Activity Repository (using some filtering) for available activities.
  • Marking the activity (or set of activities) after which the new activity shall become executable.
  • Retrieving the set of activities selectable as “end” activities for this insertion.
  • Marking the activity (or set of activities) which shall serve as end activities.
  • Performing (tentatively) the insertion based on this information.
  • Checking the AristaFlow report on detected errors (e.g. missing values for input parameter).
  • Making the instance change persistent.

The use of the Open API requires profound knowledge of basic AristaFlow concepts and therefore only makes sense in combination with a preceding training!