OrgModel Editor

To assign potential actors for a manual activity during runtime, it can be associated with an actor assignment expression. Such an expression refers to organi¬zational entities (e.g., organizational units, project teams, roles, actors) or or¬ga¬ni¬za¬tion¬al relations (e.g., “is-manager-of”) as captured in an organizational model.
Using the AristaFlow OrgModel Editor it becomes possible to create and maintain such organizational models. The meta model provided by AristaFlow for defining an organizational model is highly expressive and allows to describe more complex organizational structures as well.
Accordingly, complex actor assignment expressions, which refer to the defined organizational model, can be specified and assigned to process activities.
Fig. 1 gives a coarse-grained view on the element types of the organizational meta model provided by AristaFlow.


Fig. 1: Overview on Elements and Relations of the AristaFlow Organizational Meta Model