The AristaFlow TestClient provides a fully-fledged test environment for executing (incomplete) process templates. Unlike existing test tools, this test component runs on a lightweight instance of the process management system itself. As such, various execution modes between pure simulation and production mode become possible.
The AristaFlow Testclient enables the execution of structurally sound process models, which may be incomplete in respect to the assignment of executables or actor expressions. In case of non-assigned “executables”, for example, AristaFlow complements the missing  activity programs through automatically generated forms (cf. Fig. 1 and Fig. 2). Thus activity input parameters can be displayed and activity output parameters (which are normally provided by the invoked application component) be manually set.
In summary, when using the AristaFlow Testclient, newly created process templates can be quickly run through and tested (together with the already assigned executables) before all implementation details are fixed.


Fig. 1: AristaFlow Test Client with Automatically Generated Form



Fig. 2: AristaFlow Test Client with Automatically Generated Form (2)