Head Safranberg
Prof. Georg Grön
Tel: 0731 500 64499

Head Oberer Eselsberg
Prof. Volker Rasche
Tel: 0731 500 45014

The Core Facility Experimental Human MRI is a member of the Center for Translational Imaging MoMAN. The CF provides state-of-the-art equipment and scientific support for innovative and experimental in vivo and ex vivo studies using magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

This includes analysis as well as development of new MRI imaging and data reconstruction methods.

For this purpose, two 3T whole-body MRI machines at two locations (Safranberg and Oberer Eselsberg) are available to all working groups of the medical faculty and the university for their research.




3D MRI & DTI head scan
3D MRI & DTI head scan

The two MRI systems are suitable for non-invasive imaging examinations on humans.

In cooperation of the departments of Psychiatry III, Experimental Cardiovascular Imaging (ExCaVI), Neurology and Radiology, the Core Facility provides expertise in the following areas:

  •     Non-invasive high-resolution structural and functional imaging
  •     Development of application-specific MR protocols and methods
  •     Image-based analysis and quantification
  •     Performance of clinical imaging studies
3D MRI scan of the heart
3D MRI scan of the heart

Safranberg site: neurology

Picture of 3T MRI MAGNETOM Prisma
3T MRI MAGNETOM Prisma Siemens scanner

3T whole-body MRI MAGNETOM Prisma (Siemens)

  • Field strength: 3 Tesla, Hole diameter: 60 cm
  • Gradient strength: 80 mT/m (millitesla per meter)
  • Slew rate: 200 T/m/s (Tesla per meter per second)
  • Head coils: with 20 and 64 receive channels (allows fast parallel image acquisition)
  • FoV (Field-of-View): 50x50x50 cm

This 3T MRI system allows imaging of anatomical details in the brain in outstandingly high resolution and is suitable for diffusion imaging, as even small diffusion effects can be detected at high gradient strength.
The department is also equipped with technical systems for visual, acoustic and sensory stimulation, MRI-compatible behavioral recording and measuring stations for clinical and experimental neuropsychological examinations.

Oberer Eselsberg site: cardiology

Bildsprodukt 3T MRI Achieva Scanner von Philips
3T MRI Achieva Philips Scanner

3T-Ganzkörper-MRT Achieva (Philips)

  • Field strength: 3 Tesla, Hole diameter: 60 cm
  • Gradient strength: up to 80 mT/m
  • Slew rate: up to 120 T/m/s
  • Coils: wide range of anatomy-specific SENSE coils
  • FoV (Field-of-View): 50x50x45 cm

This 3T MRI system has special hardware for MR applications in cardiology and whole-body imaging and is equipped with dStream technology.

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