Prof. Dr. Volker Rasche

Dr. Alireza Abaei
Tel. 0731 50-33750

The Core Facility Small Animal Imaging is a member of the Centre for Translational Imaging - From Molecule to Man (MoMAN) that coordinates imaging activities among different researchs units at Ulm University and Medical Center. The Core Facility has a dedicated high-field small animal MRI system with a field strength of 11.7T. The MRI system is suitable for non-invasive investigations on mice and rats. Investigations on larger animals can be performed on a 3T research MRI. If required, it is possible to perform in cooperation with other institutes multimodal imaging studies.

The Facility provides expertise in the field of non-invasive imaging, data analysis and interpretation, experiment design and execution and application.


Picture of the Small animal MRI system from Bruker
Small animal MRI system from Bruker (BioSpec 117/16)

11.7T Small animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

  • Field strength: 11.7T and Gradient strength: 750 mT/m
  • Slew rate: 6660 T/m/s
  • Inner hole diameter: 16 cm
  • 1H, 13C, 19F, 23Na, and 31P Imaging and spectroscopy
  • < 100 µm spatial resolution
  • Wide range of highly sensitive receiver coils
  • MR spectroscopy for studies of metabolic processes
  • PET/MR/CT image fusion

High Resolution Small Animal Imaging

Cardiac Imaging

Long axis view of 2-chamber cardiac inaging
Long axis: 2-chamber view

Lung Imaging

Sagittal view of lung imaging
Sagittal view

Neuro Anatomy

Picture of MRI mouse brain obtained with a cryogenic brain coil
Mouse brain view obtained with a cryogenic brain coil

Rapid DTI

Picture of functional MRI with DTI Fiber Tracking
Fiber tracking

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