08:30   IntroductionProf. Dr. Heribert Anzinger (Business and Tax Law, Universität Ulm)
08:45Artificial Intelligence and Law - State of the Art and Perspectives

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. hc. Franz Josef Radermacher (Chair for Databases / Artificial Intelligence, Universität Ulm)

Dr. Micha-Manuel Bues (Legal Tech Blog)

Discussant: Prof. Dr. Heribert Anzinger

09:45Expert Systems and Visualization of Legal Code

Prof. Dr. Radboud Winkels (Leibniz Center for Law, Amsterdam University)

Prof. Dr. Stephan Breidenbach (Private Law and International Business Law, Universität Frankfurt/Oder)

Discussant: Dr. Marcel Burr/Dr. Steffen Burr

11:15Machine readable legal code

Prof. Dr. Monica Palmirani (OASIS Legal Rule ML TC, Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca in Storia del Diritto, Filosofia e Sociologia del Diritto e Informatica Giurdica dell'Università di Bologna)

Prof. Dr. Zsolt György Balogh (Corvinus University, Budapest)

Michael Poulshock (Hamurabi Project, Director, KPMG)

Discussant: Prof. Dr. Ekkehart Reimer

12:30Lunch Break
13:30Formal Approaches in Legal Theory

Corinna Coupette (Otto Hahn Group on Financial Regulation, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance)

Discussant: Prof. Dr. Martin Borowski (Chair for Constiutional Law and Legal Philosophy, Universität Heidelberg)

14:30Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - the technological base for computational methods in law

Prof. Dr. Birte Glimm (Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Universität Ulm)

Dr. Alexey Cheptsov (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart)

Discussant: Prof. Dr. Günther Palm (Institute of Neural Information Processing, Universität Ulm)

15:30Can we automate privacy policies and data protection?

Prof. Dr. Florian Schaub (University of Michigan)

Discussant: Dr. Dr. Matthias Ehrhardt (Universität Ulm)

16:45How can Blockchains and Smart Contracts help automate law?

Prof. Dr. Frank Kargl (Institute of Distributed Systems, Universität Ulm)

Maria Claudia Solarte Vasquez (Research Team on Law and Technology of The Law Institute, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, Tallinn)

Discussant: Dr. Dirk Siegel (Partner Financial Services, Deloitte Frankfurt/Main)

18:00Impact on Methodology and Constitutional Democracy

Prof. Dr. Ekkehart Reimer (Chair for Public Law, European and International Tax Law, Universität Heidelberg)

Discussants: Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mellinghoff (President of the German Federal Fiscal Court, former member of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany), Dr. Nadja Braun Binder (German Research Institute for Public Administration, Project Cluster Transformation of the state in the digital age)

18:45SummaryProf. Dr. Frank Kargl (Institute of Distributed Systems, Universität Ulm)