Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the course language?

    Compulsory classes and electives are being taught in English. If desired, classes from the German program may be selected. The university offers intensive German language classes for foreign students.

  • What is the city of Ulm like?

    A description of Ulm can be found here.

  • How can I get to Ulm?

    Different ways of how to get to Ulm are described here

  • When do I have to be in Ulm?

    Classes start in the middle of October, but we suggest to arrive in Ulm about two weeks earlier to organize housing, health insurance, registration, etc. If possible, you should arrive at Ulm between October 1 and October 5 between 9am and 4pm so that we can organize to meet you at the station.

  • What steps do I have to take after admission?

    The German embassy in your country will inform you about the details of visa application as they apply to your country. If you need a visa, please apply immediately after receiving the admission letter. Be aware that the visa procedure will take several weeks.

  • What about health insurance?

    Information about health insurance can be found here.

  • What about housing in Ulm?

    Most international students live in one of the dorms. Information about student housing are available here.

  • What about tuition, fees and living expenses?

    See the section fees and financing.

  • Who can answer further questions?

    Write an e-mail to mscfinance(at)