Welcome to the Master's programme in Sustainable Corporate Management

The master's programme in Sustainable Corporate Management is offered to graduates of a Bachelor's programme in Economics and Management as well as to graduates of other disciplines with basic competences in economics. That means, that also a degree in industrial chemistry, industrial physics or , e.g., a degree in engineering, social sciences or humanities with a minor in Economics and Management or integrated Economics and Management modules qualifies  to study Sustainable Corporate Management at the Ulm University.  

The study programme serves in particular to deepen the subject-specific scientific knowledge in the field of sustainability management. An individual focus also allows for further specialisation in different, classic areas of Economics and Management.

Please note that the courses of the master's programme are mainly held in German.  

What does Sustainable Corporate Managment mean?

Economic actors are increasingly considered responsible for the environment and society because of their key role. The growing awareness of the need for sustainable development brings about societal changes that have an impact on economic actors:
Legislation obliges companies to reduce their emissions, for example. In addition, the risen ecological consciousness of consumers causes a change in the market structure, whereby the integration of sustainability, both environmentally and socially, into the business process can be seen as an increasingly important competitive factor. These changes require new competences , e.g. concerning the implementation of sustainability-related management systems and control variables or in sustainability reporting. This is what the master's programme "Sustainable Corporate Management" is aiming at and imparts the necessary competences.

Timetable and courses for the summer semester 2022

The current timetable for the summer semester 2022 can be found here.

An overview of the courses for the summer semester 2022 can be found here.


The application for master's programme "Sustainable Corporate Management", first semester, starts for winter semester 22/23 on 01 April 2022. Information on admission and application can be found here.
The online application takes place here.

Master's programme Sustainable Corporate Management


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