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Open Positions

The Institute of Experimental Physics has the following open positions:

Master Thesis (Students of Physics, Physics and Economy or Students of Advanced Materials of Ulm University)

  • Design and construction of a cyclotron for the advanced practical course. A simple cyclotron is to be constructed as a kit. Basic experiments on accelerators are to be carried out with this cyclotron. (Manuel Gonçalves and Othmar Marti)
  • Experimental statistical physics of granular media in 2D. Granular media can be found everywhere in nature (sand, snow, cereal flakes, sugar, salt...). Knowledge of their properties is important to understand processes such as the behaviour of materials during sintering but also such as the emptying of a granary. The theoretical description of these systems is based on statistical physics. The difficulty lies in the parameterisation of the measured data and the models.
    In contrast to the usual statistical physics of gases, all particles can be addressed individually here. Ms Clara Wanjura, in collaboration with Prof. Raphael Blumenfeld, Cambridge and Imperial College, has developed a theory of two-dimensional granular materials in shear and compression. A unique measuring apparatus was set up at the Institute and put into operation for the first measurements. You will use this measurement apparatus to investigate systems of different particles, document them with video recordings and derive relevant parameters such as positions, contacts and velocities from the videos using image recognition and segmentation methods. You will compare these data with models (available, or extended by you). If you wish, you can improve the apparatus so that force chains become detectable. There is the possibility of a stay in Cambridge. (Prof. Raphael Blumenfeld and Othmar Marti)

We are constantly offering master thesis. Please contact us for further details. (Prof. Othmar Marti)

Bachelor Thesis (Students of Physics or Physics and Economy of Ulm University)

We are constantly offering bachelor thesis. Please contact us for further details. (Prof. Othmar Marti)

Student Jobs

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