Innovative optical analysis and automation systems for science and industry

Sensific is a spin-off of the Institute that develops and markets real-time image processing systems. The sensor system is very compact, about the size of a coffee cup, and can be easily integrated into many processes. For example, in the life sciences on a microscope to examine cells, bacteria, algae and particles in microfluidic systems, or in the materials sciences to monitor and control production processes.

The system is optimised for high throughput and operates at up to 10000 frames per second. Real-time data processing allows discrimination and control with minimal latency of only a few microseconds. Furthermore, different contrast forms such as brightfield and up to 3 different fluorescence colours can be combined.

The project was funded by the ESF in the period April 2019- July 2021 in the Exist Research Transfer program of the Federal Ministry of Economics. Since August 2021, the company has been funded in the same program.


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