New Project "OptiABBy" March 2023

Ulm University

New project "OptiABBy - Optimization Zinc-Air-Battery ABBy" in cooperation with Hilabs, funded by BMBF

HILABS GmbH has developed the innovative rechargeable zinc battery ABBy (Air Breathing Battery) for stationary power storage. First test cells have been built by HILABS and show their functionality on prototype level. In the BMBF-funded OptiAbby project (FKZ 03XP0531), HILABS and the Institute of Electrochemistry at Ulm University are working together to continue the results achieved to date.

ABBy offers many advantages over conventional battery technologies.

It is a sustainable zinc battery made from environmentally friendly raw materials with a completely European supply chain. Since the materials are recyclable, they can be reprocessed within a circular economy. Also, the battery concept offers a very high level of safety because the electrolyte is water-based and therefore non-flammable.

Within the framework of the BMBF project OptiAbby, further research and development is being carried out on the basis of previous results. The focus is on performance, service life, efficient materials and reproducible / automatable processes. The project is particularly promising due to the combination of model experiments on half cells (University of Ulm) and investigations in real battery systems (HILABS). In an iterative exchange process, both the materials / material compositions and the process parameters will be optimized. Further focal points will be the required manufacturing or assembly processes.