Grafische Darstellung des Vorgangs der Elektrokatalyse
Grafische Darstellung elektrochemischer Grenzschichten
EC-Boundary Layers
Grafische Darstellung der Metallabscheidung
Metal Deposition
grafische Darstellung einer Batterie
Grafische Darstellung der Photoelektrochemie
Grafische Darstellung eines bioelektrochemischen Vorgangs
Grafische Darstellung der Plasmakatalyse
Symbolische Darstellung der Entwicklung von Methoden

At the Institute of Electrochemistry  electrochemical reactions on single-crystal surfaces  in contact with a (mostly) aqueous electrolyte are investigated. In this the influence of the surface structure on the reactivity of electrodes plays a special role. Thus, in close combination of experiment and theory, fundamental issues of electrochemical systems and boundary layers often directly related to different applications, e.g. from the fields of energy storage and conversion, electromobility or metal deposition, are processed.

Bachelor's Theses, Master's Theses, Doctorates

The Institute of Electrochemistry offers a wide range of exciting topics in the fields of Electrocatalysis, Batteries, Metal Deposition, Bioelectrochemistry, Ionic Liquids and Photo(electro)chemistry for Bachelor's and Master's Theses. Each field offers the possibility of experimental and/or theory-orientated work. Requests to the directorate of the Institute ( Prof. Jacob or Prof. Beránek) are always welcome.