Internships / Thesis for International Students

We can sometimes offer internships or Master thesis projects for external or Erasmus students provided we have supervisor capacities open. Best chances are outside the summer term! 

Our lab focusses on the molecular mechanisms of cytokinesis and polar growth in the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae and the cell biology and biochemistry of the Septins.  
We can offer always interesting projects with a method focus on genetics/cell biology or protein biochemistry. A set of state of the art equipment including two high end microscopes and access to our Mass Spectrometry facility is available. 

Candidates should have a solid background in molecular biology techniques. First exerience with the manipulation of yeast or fluorescence microscopy or protein biochemistry methods is a plus. 

Colloquial language in the lab is German and English but some of us can also communicate in French. 

To apply,  submit an email including a CV to thomas.gronemeyer(at)

PhD and Postdoc Positions

Currently we have no funded positions open.

Candidates who want to work with us and bring own salary funding by means of a fellowship or are motivated to apply for a fellowship grant are encouraged to send a resume to thomas.gronemeyer(at)
Before you apply, please make sure that the grant covers least 4 years. 
Candidates with a medical degree have to be accepted and enrolled in the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine