Summer Term 2021

Course Overview
Summer Term 2021

The following lectures, seminars and practical courses are offered:

Modern Laser Spectroscopy - Basics and Applications

Type:             Lecture and Seminar
Organiser:     T. M. Bernhardt

All information on the lecture and seminar can be found in the corresponding Moodle course.

Current issues in Surface Chemistry

Type:              Seminar
Organiser:     R. J. Behm

Date and Time: Fr, 9-11

Surfaces - Interfaces - Heterogeneous Catalysis - Electrocatalysis

Type:              Lecture
Organiser:     J. Bansmann and A. Engstfeld

Lecture: Mo, 12-14 and Th, 10-12, synchronous online in Moodle, start: Apr. 19th

Surface Analysis and -spectroscopy

Type:             Lecture and Seminar
Organiser:     R.J. Behm  (J. Bansmann)

Lecture: Mi, 8-10, synchronous online in Moodle; start: Apr. 21st

Seminar: Fr, 8-9, synchronous online in Moodle, Mo, Apr. 30st

F-Lab Course Physical Chemistry (FP-PC)

Type:               laboratory course

Organisers:     T. M. Bernhardt, T. Jacob, J. Bansmann, L. Kibler

Contact:          J. BansmannL. Kibler

Project Work - Physical Chemistry

Type:               laboratory course

Organisers:     T. M. Bernhardt, J. Bansmann

Contact:          T. M. BernhardtJ. Bansmann

Employment Opportunities for Project Work

Energy Technology Lab (Energy, Science and Techn. / CE )

Type:               laboratory course

Organisers:     U. Herr, J. Kallo, J. Bansmann, R. J. Behm,

Contact:          J. Bansmann