Master Courses: Physics

In the Physics and Biophysics master programmes nearly all of the courses are taught in English.


Each semester, we offer seminars covering a wide range of topics. Instead of an exam, students have to investigate an assigned topic and give a scientific presentation, which will be graded. The language of presentation can be English or German.

Usually, the actual titles and topics for the seminars will be decided only shortly before the start of any given semester.

Contacts Physics

  • Academic Advisor

    Dr. Rachele Fermani
    Department of Physics
    Ulm University
    Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
    89081 Ulm, Germany
    Phone: ++49 (0) 731-50-22292
    Room: N25/3101

  • Erasmus+ Coordinator

    Prof. Dr. Susana Huelga
    Institute of Theoretical Physics
    Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
    89081 Ulm
    Phone: ++49 (0) 731-50-22901
    Fax: ++49 (0) 731-50-22924
    Room: O25/443

Lab Courses

Places in lab courses, in which students conduct their own experiments, are limited. Priority is given to students who are enrolled in full-degree studies at Ulm University. You may list lab courses on your Learning Agreements, but you should be prepared that you may not get a place in one of those courses.

Lab Safety

Students usually have to attend a safety briefing prior to the start of a lab course. In case there should be serious doubts that a student will be able to respond to instructions due to poor linguistic competence and/or academic preparation, participation in the lab may be denied in order to avoid hazards.

Please note:

In order to attend master courses, you must have master level, meaning that:

  • you must have formally completed a bachelor degree or
  • you must have finished three years of studying at a university or
  • you have completed 180 ECTS credit points

by the time you start your studies at Ulm University.