Study Abroad at Ulm University: Physics

You are registered as a student at a university abroad? You are interested in completing part of your studies (1-2 semesters) at Ulm University?

This is quite easy, if there is a cooperation agreement between your home university and Ulm University. Check out our partner universities:

  • Erasmus+: Partner Universities in Europe
  • SEMP: Partner Universities in Switzerland
  • Exchange: Partner Universites worldwide

However, you cannot apply to Ulm University directly. First, you have to apply for a place in the exchange programme at your home university. If you have been selected, you can apply to the International Office of Ulm University.

In case there is no cooperation agreement between your home university and Ulm University you can apply as free mover.

Contacts International Office

Contacts Physics

Prof. Dr. Susana Huelga
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm
Phone: ++49 (0) 731-50-22901
Fax: ++49 (0) 731-50-22924
Room: M26/4117

Department of Physics: Teaching and Research

Bachelor CoursesCourses from our B. Sc. in Physics. These courses are offered in a regular cycle. The language of instruction is usually German.
Master CoursesCourses from our M. Sc. in Physics and M. Sc. in Biophysics. The courses reflect the research areas of our Physics Department. The language of instruction is mainly English.

The main research areas of our department are:

An overview of the institutes of the Department of Physics as well as their main research areas is given here

Projects and Master Theses

Students who only want to do a thesis/project at Ulm University do not need proficiency in German, as long as they have sufficient command of English (min. B1).

Time and duration for thesis / projects can be arranged outside regular semester dates (see: <link en io mob-in plan dates-deadlines internal-link internen link im aktuellen>individual periods).

If you plan to do a thesis/project during your mobility at Ulm University, you should find out about the ongoing research in our faculties, departments and institutes in your field of interest. Our student advisor's can give you some directions for your search. However, you should not come to Ulm with any predefined topic and expect to find a supervisor for that particular topic.

We will grant max. 5 ECTS per month for thesis / project work, if this is the only activitiy in that time. If a thesis/project is combined with other courses, you can earn max. 30 ECTS per semester in total.

Examples: If you are going to stay for one full semester (6 months) and take several courses for a total of 12 ECTS credits, your thesis can be max. 18 ECTS credits. If you are going to stay for four months and only do your project, you can earn max. 20 credits for it.

Erasmus+ Subject Area Code

0533 (Physics)

Please note:

In order to attend master courses, you must have master level, meaning that:

  • you must have formally completed a bachelor degree or
  • you must have finished three years of studying at a university or
  • you have completed 180 ECTS credit points

by the time you start your studies at Ulm University.