Research in Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies use quantum mechanical properties like superposition and entanglement for computing processes, secret data transfer, simulations of complex states of matter and for the improvement of physical measuerement. The nature of decoherence, the decay of quantum information, is observed. We are interested in scalable physical systems in order to implement quantum bits and realise logical operations.

The systems should additionally allow a high isolation to the surrounding, so that decoherence effects stay negegible. Two special systems are in the focus of interest due to their very advantageous properties: We observe single ions in newly developped Paul traps and solid state based quantum processors. Furthermore, ultracold atoms build perfect systems for studying collective quantum phenomena known from solid state physics (phase transitions, many particle correlations). In theory, we study different systems which are relevant for quantum information, ranging from atoms in optical lattices, single atoms or ions, solid state elements up to hybrid systems, where the quality of quantum logical gates and the scalability up to many qbits are being improved.