Guidelines "Parallel Studies (PO 2019)"


Most of the degree programmes at the University of Ulm are designed as full-time studies. Those who do not want to settle for one field of study can study two degree programmes in parallel. The duration of study is extended depending on how much the study contents of the two study programmes overlap. Modules that appear in both degree programmes, or recognizable modules of similar scope and content, only need to be taken once.

You should generally consider,

  • whether the additional effort is worth it to achieve your goals,
  • whether there are alternatives (e.g. interdisciplinary courses) or
  • whether the qualification goal cannot also be achieved through additional modules.

Parallel study of Physics M.Sc. and Wirtschaftsphysik M.Sc. (PO 2019)

A parallel study of Physics M.Sc. and Econophysics M.Sc. requires an additional effort of about 2 semesters compared to a simple master study (120 LP). Content and scope depend on whether admission is with a bachelor's degree in physics or in econophysics.

When planning a parallel study programme, keep the following in mind:

  • The same regulations (admission requirements, study content, deadlines, ...) apply as for the individual degree programmes.
  • Please note the information from the Student's Registrar about parallel studies.
  • To register for the second Master's programme, simply send an informal application by Email to the Student's Registrar. The the Student's Registrar will formally check whether the admission requirements have been met.
  • You can only register online for examinations in the degree programmes in which you are enrolled. If you are only enrolled in one degree programme, you must register for exams in the other degree programme as additional subjects.
  • Admission requirements for the Econophysics Master's degree require basic knowledge of business administration and economics (12 LP). If these are missing, they can be provided within two semesters as part of a conditional admission requirement. The requirement is determined by the admissions committee.
  • You only have to write one Master's thesis. However, this must be equivalent to the one in the Physics M.Sc. programme.
  • The maximum duration of study of 6 semesters specified in the examination regulations also applies to parallel studies. If necessary, apply for an extension of the deadline if you are running short of time.
  • The modules to be completed and which modules can be recognized in the respective other degree program can be found in theExcel- or PDF file.
  • Recommendation: instead of the smallest possible additional effort, pay attention to a coherent overall concept. 
  • Use the Excel file "Allocation of examiation credits" to plan your studies.

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