Research in Nanosciences

Nano science deals with fabrication, characterisation and functionalisation of materials with a size of some nanometers. The important role of this very young field in technology is still emerging. Its multidisciplinarity and its close reference to material science, medecin and pharmacy, electronics and microsystem technology are very typical.

Important examples for the research fields in nano sciences are the structuring of surfaces and development of nano tools and machines. Therefore, it is important to control systems constisting of only some atoms, molecular ensembles or clusters.

The characterisation of these systems through visualisation and detection is playing an essential role, e.g. by highly-developed Electron, Atomic Force and Scanning Tunneling Microscopes. The fabrication consists of filed lithographic methods by utilising structural, magnetic, electronic and optical properties of different materials (e.g. compounds, semiconductors, nano piles, atomic and molecular monolayers).