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New model of gene transcription developed - Unprecedented insights into the temporal sequence of genetic selection

30.06.2021: The reading out of genetic information is one of the most important processes in body cells. If errors occur during the so-called gene transcription and the resulting protein production, cancer diseases as well as metabolic and developmental disorders can arise. In order to develop new drugs or therapies for such diseases, it is therefore important to have a precise knowledge of the molecular processes inside the cell ...more

Cluster for Future - QSens Quantum sensors for everyday life

03.02.2021: Success in the Cluster for Future initiative for researchers at Ulm University, the University of Stuttgart and their partners from the industry! Joint project QSens has been selected as one of seven innovation networks nationwide in the highly competitive Clusters4Future competition sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In collaboration with specialized companies, researchers from Stuttgart and Ulm intend to develop the quantum sensors of the future up to market readiness. ...more

Kavli Prize for Nanoscience - $1 million for electron microscopy pioneer

27.05.2020: They have made the almost impossible possible with their research to give visibility to the invisible: The four physics professors Harald Rose, Maximilian Haider, Knut Urban and Ondrej Krivanek receive the highly prestigious Kavli Prize for Nanoscience. The Academy awards the $1 million prize jointly with the Norwegian Ministry of Research and the US Kavli Foundation. Professor Harald Rose came to the University of Ulm in 2010 as a Carl Zeiss Visiting Professor and has been conducting research here in a senior professorship since 2016. ...more

In single file, please! At the ultimate limit of miniaturization electrons are transported one at a time

16.12.2020: Despite plenty of room at the bottom, there is a limit to the miniaturization of every process. Finding these limits has been a priority goal for a long time. An international collaboration of scientists between the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Ulm University and the Autonomous University of Madrid has now found a minimal configuration for producing an electronic current.  ...more

The nucleation of iron - Ulm researchers film the "birth" of a crystal

31.08.2020: Scientists at Ulm University have observed the nucleation of a crystal structure in real time. They witnessed how iron atoms initially came together in a disordered manner under the influence of an electron beam before forming a regular lattice structure. Until now, there were only two contradictory theories for this process  ...more

On the unusual behaviour of Cooper pairs: quantum phase transition in Josephson contact

22.04.2020: Superconducting circuits are complex quantum systems consisting of many components. They are needed, for example, for the development of quantum computers. The problem is that perturbing influences can never be completely avoided and genuine quantum properties are then destroyed. Quantum physicists then speak of the very fragile "delocalised" quantum states being "localised". A team of researchers from the national research centre CEA Saclay (Paris) and the universities of Ulm and Freiburg has now investigated this quantum phase transition in a superconducting circuit. ...more