Workshop Themes

This year's Workshop theme is "Spoken Dialogue Systems for Ambient Environment".  As there is rapidly gaining attention from an increasing number of researchers to ambient intelligence, the workshop will discuss the roles and applications of spoken dialogue systems in such an intelligent environment.

We would also like to encourage the discussion of common issues of theories, applications, evaluation, limitations, general tools and techniques. Discussion papers that critically evaluate approaches or processing strategies and prototype demonstrations are especially welcome.

  • Speech recognition and semantic analysis
  • Dialogue management
  • Adaptive dialogue modelling
  • Recognition of emotions from speech, gestures, facial expressions and physiological data
  • User modelling
  • Planning and reasoning capabilities for coordination and conflict description
  • Conflict resolution in complex multi-level decisions
  • Multi-modality such as graphics, gesture and speech for input and output
  • Fusion and information management
  • Learning and adaptability
  • Visual processing and recognition for advanced human-computer interaction
  • Databases and corpora
  • Evaluation strategies and paradigms
  • Prototypes and products