Workshop Programme

Day 1 (Jan 11)

13:00~18:30RegistrationSydney Room
14:00~17:00Tutorial : Siri, Watson and Natural Language Processing
- Gary Geunbae Lee, POSTECH, Korea
Sydney Room
18:30~20:00Welcome ReceptionCapri Room

 Day 2 (Jan 12)

09:00~18:30RegistrationCapri Room
09:15~09:30Workshop Opening
- Open Remark
-- Workshop Chair : Gary Geunbae Lee, POSTECH, Korea
- Conglatulatory Remark
-- Byunggon Yang, President of KSSS, Korea
Capri Room
09:30~10:30Keynote 1 : The Rise of Intelligent Systems
- Mazin Gibert, AT&T Labs, USA
-- Chair : Gary Geunbae Lee, POSTECH, Korea
Capri Room
10:30~11:00Coffee Break
11:00~12:30Oral Session 1 :
Human-Human Dialog and Spoken Language Processing
-- Chair : Wolfgang Minker, Ulm University, Germany
Capri Room
Toward Adaptive Generation of Backchannels for Attentive Listening Agents [PDF]
- Tatsuya Kawahara, Miki Uesato, Koichiro Yoshino and Katsuya Takanashi
Integration of Word and Semantic Features for Theme Identification in Telephone Conversations [PDF]
- Yannick Estève, Mohamed Bouallegue, Carole Lailler, Mohamed Morchid, Richard Dufour, Georges Linarès and Renato De Mori
A Study On Natural Expressive Speech: Automatic Memorable Spoken Quote Detection [PDF]
- Fajri Koto, Sakriani Sakti, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, Mirna Adriani and Satoshi Nakamura
12:30~14:00LunchSicily Room
13:20~14:00Sponsor Talk 1,2
(Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics)
-- Chair : Ji-Hwan Kim, Sogang University, Korea
14:00~15:30Oral Session 2 :
Corpus and Dialog System Development
-- Chair : Satoshi Nakamura, NAIST, Japan
Capri Room
Analysis of an Extended Interaction Quality Corpus [PDF]
- Stefan Ultes, María Jesús Platero Sánchez, Alexander Schmitt and Wolfgang Minker
Rapidly Scaling Dialog Systems with Interactive Learning [PDF]
- Jason Williams, Nobal Niraula, Pradeep Dasigi, Aparna Lakshmiratan, Carlos Garcia Jurado Suarez, Mouni Reddy, and Geoff Zweig
Pair Me Up: A Web Framework for Crowd-Sourced Spoken Dialogue Collection [PDF]
- Ramesh Manuvinakurike and David Devault
15:30~16:00Coffee Break
16:00~18:00Poster and Demo Session 1
- Applications and Demos with Dialog Systems
-- Chair : Yongjoong Ko, Dong-A University, Korea 
Capri Room
PosterEvaluation of Machine-led Error Recovery Strategies for Domain Switches in a Spoken Dialog System [PDF]
- Sven Reichel, Ute Ehrlich, André Berton, and Michael Weber
HALEF: An Open-source Standard-compliant Telephony-based Modular Spoken Dialog System -- A Review and an Outlook [PDF]
- David Suendermann-Oeft, Vikram Ramanarayanan, Moritz Teckenbrock, Felix Neutatz, and Dennis Schmidt
DietTalk: Diet and Health Assistant Based on Spoken Dialog System [PDF]
- Sohyeon Jung, Seonghan Ryu, Sangdo Han, and Gary Geunbae Lee
Creating a Virtual Neighbor [PDF]
- Carina Corbin, Fabrizio Morbini and David Traum
DemoCLARA: A Multifunctional Virtual Agent for Conference Support and Touristic Information [PDF]
- Luis Fernando D'Haro, Seokhwan Kim, Kheng Hui Yeo, Ridong Jiang, Andreea I. Niculescu, Rafael E. Banchs, and Haizhou Li
Multi-Source Hybrid Question Answering System [PDF]
- SeonYeong Park, Hyosup Shim, Sangdo Han, Byeongsoo Kim, and Gary Geunbae Lee
Dialogue Platform for Interactive Personal Assistant Software [PDF]
- Youngmin Park, Sangwoo Kang, Jungyun Seo, and Myungwan Koo
An Overview of MightyVoice Pro Systems [PDF]
- Sang-ha Kim, Jeh-seon Youn, and Kyeong-sun Kim
GenieTutor: a Computer Assisted Second-language Learning system based on Spoken language Understanding [PDF]
- Oh-Woog Kwon, Kiyoung Lee, Yoon-Hyung Roh, Jin-Xia Huang, Sung-Kwon Choi, Young-Kil Kim, Hyung Bae Jeon, Yoo Rhee Oh, Yun-Kyung Lee, Byung Ok Kang, Euisok Chung, Jeon Gue Park, and Yunkeun Lee
Voice Control on Smart TV Using Farsi Speech Recognition [PDF]
- Woo Kyeong Seong, Jang Won Lee, Dae Hyun Kim,  Hong Kook Kim, Sung Hwan Shin, Ji Hun Park, and Myung Jae Kim
Demo paper: An Unlimited Vocabulary Korean Voice Interface by Using Grid Engine-based Learning Speed Improvement [PDF]
- Hee-Eun Kang, Donghyun Lee, Shang-Ho Wang, Kwang-Ho Kim, Sung-Yong Park, Ji-Hwan Kim
- Haeundae Amso Galbi (Haeundae Rib Barbeque Restaurant)

Day 3 (Jan 13)

09:00~12:00RegistrationCapri Room
09:30~10:30Keynote 2 :
Conversational Agent : First Baby Steps Towards Artificial Intelligence and Cognition
- Haizhou Li, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
-- Chair : Minnwoo Jeong, Microsoft, USA
Capri Room
10:30~11:00Coffee Break
11:00~12:30Oral Session 3: Dialog System and Application
-- Chair : Joseph Mariani, LMSI&IMMI-CNRS, Orsay, France
Capri Room
Evaluation of a Fully Automatic Cooperative Persuasive Dialogue System [PDF]
- Takuya Hiraoka, Graham Neubig, Sakriani Sakti, Tomoki Toda, and Satoshi Nakamura
Detecting Multiple Domains from User’s Utterance in Spoken Dialog System [PDF]
- Seonghan Ryu, Jaiyoun Song, Sangjun Koo, Soonchoul Kwon, and Gary Geunbae Lee
News Navigation System based on Proactive Dialogue Strategy [PDF]
- Koichiro Yoshino and Tatsuya Kawahara
12:30~14:00LunchSicily Room
13:20~14:00Sponsor Talk 3,4
(SK Telecom, Naver)
-- Chair : Young-sun Yun, Hannam University, Korea
14:00~15:30Poster Session 2 : Dialog System Technology
-- Chair : Ryuichiro Higashinaka, NTT, Japan
Capri Room
Micro-Counseling Dialog System based on Semantic Content [PDF]
- Sangdo Han, Yonghee Kim, and Gary Geunbae Lee
Users' Belief Awareness in Reinforcement Learning-based Situated Human-Robot Dialogue Management
- Emmanuel Ferreira, Gregoire Milliez, Fabrice Lefèvre, and Rachid Alami [PDF]
Scalable Summary-state Pomdp Hybrid Dialog System for Multiple Goal Drifting Requests and Massive Slot Entity Instances [PDF]
- Sangjun Koo, Seonghan Ryu, Kyusong Lee, and Gary Geunbae Lee
Lexicon Optimization for WFST-Based Speech Recognition Using Acoustic Distance Based Confusability Measure and G2P Conversion [PDF]
- Nam Kyun Kim, Woo Kyeong Seong, and Hong Kook Kim
Linguistic Individuality Transformation for Spoken Language [PDF]
- Masahiro Mizukami, Graham Neubig, Sakriani Sakti, Tomoki Toda, and Satoshi Nakamura
Unknown Word Detection based on Event-Related Brain Desynchronization Responses [PDF]
- Takafumi Sasakura, Sakriani Sakti, Graham Neubig, Tomoki Toda, and Satoshi Nakamura
An Analysis Towards Dialogue-based Deception Detection [PDF]
- Yuiko Tsunomori, Graham Neubig, Sakriani Sakti, Tomoki Toda, and Satoshi Nakamura
Decision Making Strategies for Finite-State Bi-Automaton in Dialog Management [PDF]
- Fabrizio Ghigi and Maria Ines Torres
15:30~16:00Coffee Break
16:00~17:30Panel Session :
Next Generation Dialog-Based Intelligent Assistant
- Panel List : Gary Guenbae Lee (Postech, Korea), Satoshi Nakamura (NAIST, Japan), Wolfgang Minker (Ulm Univ, Germany), Jason Williams (Microsoft, USA), Ryuichiro Higashinaka (NTT, Japan), Laurence Devillers (LIMSI, France), David Traum (USC, USA) 
-- Chair : Minwoo Jeong, Microsoft, USA
Capri Room
17:30~17:45Workshop Closing
- Moderator : Gary Geunbae Lee, POSTECH, Korea
Capri Room