Conference Trip to Siida and Sajos

The programme includes a half-day conference trip to Siida (The Sámi museum) and Sajos (The Sámi Conference Center, including the Sámi Parliament) on Friday morning, January 15th. These are located in the village of Inari which lies about 70 km north from Saariselkä. The village of Inari, as well as the village of Saariselkä, belong to the municipality of Inari, which is unique in that it has four official languages; Finnish and three Sámi languages: North Sámi, Inari Sámi, and Skolt Sámi. Of these languages, Inari Sámi is almost only spoken within the Inari municipality.

We will first visit the Sámi museum Siida (the name means "Lapp village"). The Sámi are indigenous people of Finland, and the exhibitions present the Sámi culture, nature and art. The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibitions which everyone can get familiar with at their own pace. The museum also has a nice shop and a café Sarrit (= blueberry).

From Siida we will continue to Sámi Cultural Center Sajos, which is located near the museum, almost across the road. Sajos serves as a centre for the Sámi languages, culture, and education, and it has been built to create better conditions for the Sámi to maintain and develop their own language and know-how. It also represents Sámi self-governance and hosts the Sami Parliament (Sámediggi), the supreme political body of the Sámi in Finland. There are also e.g. Sámi Archive and Sámi Library in Sajos.

We will have a lunch in Sajos, and also a guided tour of the premises, before returning back to the conference hotel.