Kolloquium 3. - 4. Mai 2012

3. - 4. 5. 2012
Kardinal-Hengsbach-Haus, Essen

Donnerstag, 3. 5. 2012

14.10 Uhr

Disentangling lattice strain and substrate composition: competing influences
on the catalytic properties of Pt(111) epitaxial layers grown on Pt/Ru substrates 

Jonathan E. Mueller

14.40 UhrNanopatterning of Au(111) through pontential cycling
Carsten Köntje

15.10 Uhr

MD of Proton Discharge at Metal Electrodes
Eckhard Spohr

15.30 Uhr

Experimental results on hydrogen reactions: An update on the low
temperature measurements and first results on the activity of Pt on silver

Tine Brülle

16.30 Uhr

The double layer at the graphite – electrolyte interface
Noelia Luque

16.55 Uhr

Electron transfer to oxygen species
Wolfgang Schmickler

17.20 Uhr

Theoretical description of the electrode-electrolyte interfaces
Tanglaw Roman, Projekt P5

17.50 Uhr

Structure of water layers on platinum electrodes
Aleix Comas Vives, Projekt P1

20.00 Uhr

Charged electrodes: initial DFT results
Tanglaw Roman
20.30 UhrStructure and reactivity of bimetallic surface alloys
Luis Mancera

Freitag, 4.5. 2012

9.00 UhrStructure of water at stepped surfaces
Xiaohang Lin
9.30 Uhr

Cu-Pt alloy formation on Pt(111) und Ru(0001)
Albert K. Engstfeld

10.00 Uhr

A new model for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Silver electrodes
Fernanda Juarez

11.00 Uhr

HCOOH oxidation on Au and on Pd monolayers
Ludwig Kibler