Ulm University

Ulm University was founded in 1967. Located on a hill outside the city, the university is surrounded by a lot of clinical centres, companies and institutions. In this manner research and technology transfer come together. At the moment about 7500 students are enrolled at the university.

With four faculties, the university provides many branches of study. The mainstreams are medicine, natural sciences, economics, mathematics, engineering and of course computer science, but there are also a lot of interdiciplinary programs of study, like Business Informatics. Not only research benefits from this collaboration of faculties  - it is as well an opportunity for the students to broaden their horizon.

In addition, a great language center offers several courses, motivating people to spend some time studying abroad. The other way round foreign students are gladly welcome. Thus Ulm University provides an environment for diversity and internationality. 

If you like to relax a bit, a walk over the campus can be worthwhile: all over the area you will to discover sculptural artwork of the "art-path" or you can visit the botanical garden with a size of about 28 hectares. To get an impression of the campus please view the map on the location site.