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Wenn Sie eine elektronenmikroskopische Fragestellung bearbeiten möchten, wenden Sie sich an Paul Walther oder Andreas Ziegler und füllen Sie bitte danach unser Projektformular aus. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Kontakte.

We congratulate Clarissa Read and Kavitha Shaga Devan for the successful raising of a grant of the Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung “Methoden der Lebenswissenschaften” in cooperation with Timo Ropinski.

We congratulate Ulrich Rupp for a poster prize at MC 2019 in Berlin. We thank Clarissa Read for a great lecture about herpesvirus secondary envelopment with STEM tomographyAndrea Bauer talked about the megapinosome, a new organel detected by her; Kavitha Shaga Devan rocked the stage with her talk about transfer learning to detect herpesvirus capsids in EM; Marion Schneider showed ZIKA in STEM tomography and Tim Bergner presented a poster about endocytocis revisited with new EM approaches (which did not get the poster price because as judge of this session I did not want to vote for my own people).

Cells infected with human cytomegalovirus; high pressure frozen, freeze substituted and imaged in a TEM by Dr. Clarissa Read (Villinger), Z. E. Elektronenmikroskopie.


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