PhD and Postdoctoral Positions

Our Cooperative Research Center (SFB 569) offers to take part in research projects, both experimentally or theoretically oriented, on self organisation and artificial structuring of thin films and membranes, wetting phenomena, synthesis of organic molecules, their crystallisation and adsorption, chemical reactions at interfaces, micromechanics, lithographic patterning including unconventional methods to obtain metallic or semiconducting nanostructures.
Thus, if you are interested in interdisciplinary research and you already have earned a degree from an internationally recognised university attesting you a profound background in Chemistry, Physics, or Materials Science, don’t hesitate to contact one of the project leaders.  

The project leaders will directly provide information on presently open PhD or Postdoctorial positions.


How to get in contact:

For that purpose, please, browse through the table of projects. From there you will be linked to the corresponding e-mail address or homepage of those colleagues leading the project. There, additional information can be obtained on the specific SFB project as well as on the group’s general interests and activities. There, also the e-mail and postal addresses of the colleagues in charge are given.

Applications (preferentially by e-mail) should include a cover letter with curriculum vitae, copies of relevant publications, and contact information for reference.


Diploma & Master Theses

Like in the case of PhD and Postdoctorial projects, the SFB 569 offers a wealth of possibilities to actively join our research by carrying out a diploma thesis in Chemistry or Physics. Similarly, Master theses are available for “Advanced Materials”.  

In all cases, the procedure is as given above: Get in direct contact with the advisor of your choice!


Thanks for being interested in our activities