Fachkonferenz: Synästhesien bei Kindern


Donnerstag 10. Mai 2012

Die Redner und Mitstreiter der internationalen Synästhesie-Konferenz werden in der Synästhesiewerkstatt vom Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Neu-Ulm, Gerold Noerenberg, offiziell begrüßt.

Freitag 11. Mai 2012

09:30 Welcome - Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stadtmüller / Vice President, University of Ulm
and Introduction - Christine Söffing / Musisches Zentrum, University of Ulm

09:45 - 10:00 Synaesthetes introduce their synaesthesia as examples

10:00 - 10:45 Prof. Dr. Dr. Hinderk M. Emrich / Medical University of Hannover, Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Social Psychiatry - Opening Speech: Crucial questions as to the origin of synaesthesia during childhood

11:00 Dr. Jörg Jewanski / University of Münster, Deptartment University of Music - The beginning of research on synaesthesia with children. Searching for traces in the 19th century

Dr. Jörg Jewanski (cs)
Das Auditorium (cs)

11:30 Dr. Sean A. Day / Trident Technical College, Department of English & Journalism, Charleston, SC, USA / Head of the American Synesthesia Association (ASA) - Synesthetes and their families: in their own words

Dr. Sean A. Day (cs)
Dr. Sean A. Day (cs)

12:00 Dr. Jamie Ward / University of Sussex, School of Psychology, United Kingdom - Strengths and Weaknesses in People in Synaesthesia

Dr. Jamie Ward (cs)
Dr. Jamie Ward (akr)

13:30 Christine Söffing / Musisches Zentrum, University of Ulm - The blank sheet. Synaesthesia as a method in artistic workshops

Christine Söffing (akr)

14:00 Alexandra Kirschner / Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw - Synaesthesia and visual imagery in children. Synaesthesia as a method in vocal education

Alexandra Kirschner (akr)
Der Film von Alexandra Kirschner und Christine Söffing (cs)

14:30 Dr. Cretien van Campen / Netherlands Institute for Social Research, The Hague, The Netherlands and Clara Froger / Rotterdam, The Netherlands - How children paint music: theory

Dr. Cretien van Campen (cs)
Clara Froger (cs)

15:00 Michael Samarajiwa / Klangwerkstatt Wendelsheim - How to re-musicalize children through Synaesthesia

Michael Samarajiwa (akr)
Michael Samarajiwa (cs)

16:00 Michael Funk / Technical University Dresden, Institute for Philosophy - Synaesthesia and philosophy – What is the meaning of the word "creativity”?

Michael Funk (cs)
Michael Funk (akr)

16:30 Solange Glasser / Paris, France - The Ambiguous Synaesthesia of Olivier Messiaen

Solange Glasser (cs)
Solange Glasser (akr)

17:00 Short presentation with musical example of the EMU - Experimental Music & Art, University of Ulm - Colour-light-music

EMU-Ensemble: Tobias Hornberger, Axel Baune, Klaus Schmidtke, Christine Söffing, Andreas Grünvogel-Hurst und der SWR (akr)
EMU-Ensemble: Tobias Hornberger, Axel Baune, Christine Söffing, Andreas Grünvogel-Hurst (akr)

17:15 Panel discussion about the day - conducted by Prof. Dr. Harald Bode, University Hospital Ulm

Samstag 12. Mai 2012

09:30 Anton Dorso / Lenin Moscow Pedagogical State University, Cross-Departmental Chair of Fundamental Psychology / Russia - Some cognitive aspects of the synaesthesia stimuli as possible ontogenetic markers of synaesthesia development in early childhood

10:00 Dr. Cretien van Campen / Netherlands Institute for Social Research, The Hague, The Netherlands and Clara Froger / Rotterdam, The Netherlands - How children paint music: workshop

11:00 University Ballett dances the smell and taste of a tangerine

11:30 Prof. Dr. Ursula Ditzig-Engelhardt / University of Münster, Department of Musicology and Music Education - Painting to music with children

12:00 Prof. Dr. Tina Seufert / University of Ulm, Institute of Psychology and Education, Department Learning & Instruction - Synaesthesia in multimedia learning?

12:30 Dr. Jasmin Rani Sinha / Luxembourg - how to learn languages using synaesthesia

14:00 Dr. Danko Nikolic / Max Planck Institut for Brain Research, Frankfurt - Ideaesthesia - Synaesthetic child in a semantic vacuum - (via skype)

Dr. Danko Nikolic (akr)
Dr. Danko Nikolic (akr)

14:30 Katja Krüger / Hamburg-Henstedt and Anna Rowedder / Leipzig - Synaesthetic music-project

15:00 Dr. Arnold Wohler / Neuburg an der Donau - Why does the child paint pictures the way it paints? Synaesthesia as a meaningful scheme in the drawing of the child

16:00 Karsten Greth / University for Music and Mdance, Cologne - Synaesthesia, an elastic phrase - Its use in music didactics

Karsten Greth (cs)
Karsten Greth (akr)

16:30 Prof. Dr. Manfred Bartel / University of Aalen, Department of Microcomputer Engineering - Grapheme Color Synaesthesia Test Component

17:00 Dr. Mª José De Córdoba Serrano / University of Granada / Spain - Synaesthesia methodologies and practices experience, teaching approaches

18:00 Public discussion with the speakers - To which conclusions does the conference lead?

19:00 Anna Mandel / Hamburg and Karsten GrethCologne - Singing sculptures - Flute and voice

Anna Mandel, Karsten Greth (cs)
Anna Mandel, Karsten Greth (cs)


Nanna Heitmann (nh), Anna Katharina Rowedder (akr), Klaus Schmidtke (ks), Dr. Jasmin Rani Sinha (js) und Christine Söffing (cs)

Anna Katharina Rowedder (cs)