Fachkonferenz: Synästhesien bei Kindern

Friday, 11th May 2012

09:00Registration, hand out of conference documents
09:30Welcome - Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stadtmüller / Vice President, University of Ulm
and Introduction - Christine Söffing / Musisches Zentrum, University of Ulm
I What is synaesthesia?
09:45 - 10:00Synaesthetes introduce their synaesthesia as examples
10:00 - 10:45Prof. Dr. Dr. Hinderk M. Emrich / Medical University of Hannover, Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Social Psychiatry - Opening Speech: Crucial questions as to the origin of synaesthesia during childhood
10:45 - 11:00Coffee and first questions / discussion
II Synesthesia in children - History, observations, questions
11:00Dr. Jörg Jewanski / University of Münster, Deptartment University of Music - The beginning of research on synaesthesia with children. Searching for traces in the 19th century
11:30Dr. Sean A. Day / Trident Technical College, Department of English & Journalism, Charleston, SC, USA / Head of the American Synesthesia Association (ASA) - Synesthetes and their families: in their own words
III Characteristics in synaesthetes
12:00Dr. Jamie Ward / University of Sussex, School of Psychology, United Kingdom - Strengths and Weaknesses in People in Synaesthesia
12:30 - 13:30Lunch break - Mensa
IV Observations to synaesthesia with children in workshops / in education
13:30Christine Söffing / Musisches Zentrum, University of Ulm - The blank sheet. Synaesthesia as a method in artistic workshops
14:00Alexandra Kirschner / Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw - Synaesthesia and visual imagery in children. Synaesthesia as a method in vocal education
14:30Dr. Cretien van Campen / Netherlands Institute for Social Research, The Hague, The Netherlands and Clara Froger / Rotterdam, The Netherlands - How children paint music: theory
15:00Michael Samarajiwa / Klangwerkstatt Wendelsheim - How to re-musicalize children through Synaesthesia
15:30 - 16:00Teatime
V Synaesthesia and creativity
16:00Michael Funk / Technical University Dresden, Institute for Philosophy - Synaesthesia and philosophy – What is the meaning of the word "creativity”?
16:30Solange Glasser / Paris, France - The Ambiguous Synaesthesia of Olivier Messiaen
17:00Short presentation with musical example of the EMU - Experimental Music & Art, University of Ulm - Colour-light-music
17:15Panel discussion about the day - conducted by Prof. Dr. Harald Bode, University Hospital Ulm
 A dinner on your own expense is planned for Friday evening in a local Restaurant in the old city of Ulm. You can eat a la carte.

Saturday, 12th May 2012

09:00Registration, hand out of conference documents
VI Descriptive schemes to synaesthesia
09:30Anton Dorso / Lenin Moscow Pedagogical State University, Cross-Departmental Chair of Fundamental Psychology / Russia - Some cognitive aspects of the synaesthesia stimuli as possible ontogenetic markers of synaesthesia development in early childhood
10:00Dr. Danko Nikolic / Max Planck Institut for Brain Research, Frankfurt - Ideaesthesia - Synaesthetic child in a semantic vacuum - (via skype)
10:30Dr. Arnold Wohler / Neuburg an der Donau - Why does the child paint pictures the way it paints? Synaesthesia as a meaningful scheme in the drawing of the child
11:00 - 11:30University Ballett dances the smell and taste of a tangerine
Discussion and coffee break
VII Learning
11:30Prof. Dr. Tina Seufert / University of Ulm, Institute of Psychology and Education, Department Learning & Instruction - Synaesthesia in multimedia learning?
12:00Prof. Dr. Ursula Ditzig-Engelhardt / University of Münster, Department of Musicology and Music Education - Painting to music with children
12:30Karsten Greth / University for Music and Mdance, Cologne - Synaesthesia, an elastic phrase - Its use in music didactics
13:00 - 14:00Lunch break
VIII Creativity and practical implementation
14:00Prof. Dr. Manfred Bartel / University of Aalen, Department of Microcomputer Engineering - Grapheme Color Synaesthesia Test Component
14:30Dr. Mª José De Córdoba Serrano / University of Granada / Spain - Synaesthesia methodologies and practices experience, teaching approaches
15:00Dr. Cretien van Campen / Netherlands Institute for Social Research, The Hague, The Netherlands and Clara Froger / Rotterdam, The Netherlands - How children paint music: workshop
16:00 - 16:15Teatime
16:15Publc discussion with the speakers - conducted by Prof. Dr. Anke Huckauf / University of Ulm, Department Psychology at the institute for Psychology and Education - To which conclusions does the conference lead?
17:00Katja Krüger / Hamburg-Henstedt and Anna Rowedder / Leipzig - Synaesthetic music-project
17:15Anna Mandel / Hamburg and Andrew Levine / Hamburg - Singing sculptures - Theremin and voice

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