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Tamara Merz successfully published results from a CRC start-up project

Ulm University

Last year Tamara Merz, Postdoc from the Radermacher team, was awarded the start-up project "The role of hydrogen sulfide in circulatory shock-induced barrier dysfunction" funded by the CRC 1149. Now she successfully published  the first results: 

The role of glucocorticoid receptor and oxytocin receptor in the septic heart in a clinically relevant, resuscitated porcine model with underlying atherosclerosis

Journal: Frontiers in Endocrinology, Section Translational Endocrinology
Authors: Tamara Merz, Nicole Denoix, Daniela Wigger, Christiane Waller, Martin Wepler, Sabine Vettorazzi, Jan Tuckermann, Peter Radermacher, Oscar McCook


Tamara Merz, Photo: Elvira Eberhardt