Zusammenstellung von Bildern aus dem Sonderforschungsbereich

Press review

17.09.2020: Collection of articles published in Zeit-Campus related to trauma research in Ulm:

27.11.2018: CRC 1149 granted another 4 years support by the DFG 

15.05.2018: From the Laboratory for Molecular Psychosomatics: Early contact with farm animals helps build immunity against stress

27.12.2017, SWP: Interview with Prof. Anita Ignatius

06.11.2017: Finanzen.de: Die Traumaversorgung steht ständig vor neuen Herausforderungen

20.02.2017: International Symposium on Trauma Research

20.01.2016: Baden-Württemberg supports Ulm Center for Trauma Research with 3 Mio. €

23.07.2015: Biologists of Ulm University explored which molecular genetic mechanisms are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of cortisone 

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