Zusammenstellung von Bildern aus dem Sonderforschungsbereich

Projects of the third funding period

Project Title PI
A01 Neuro-renal crosstalk as immune-modulator of trauma-related acute
kidney injury and MODS
M. Huber-Lang

Modulation of synaptic plasticity after trauma

T. Böckers
A03 Cell type specific modulation of NF-κB in traumatic brain injury T. Wirth
A05 Cellular and molecular responses to trauma-induced damage of the distal respiratory epithelium H. Barth
M. Frick
A06 Therapeutic targeting of small extracellular vesicle (sEV) release and uptake
in post-traumatic hyper-inflammation
T. Seufferlein
A07 Role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) in post-traumatic and post-septic immune regulation G. Strauß
A09 N The role of white adipose tissue in post-traumatic inflammation and organ dysfunction R. Halbgebauer
P. Fischer-Posovszky
B03 Oxytocin and H2S after TBI and hemorrhage with pre-existing early life stress

T. Merz
P. Radermacher

B05 Circular RNAs modulate neuronal vulnerability, neuroinflammation and regeneration and are affected by TBI comorbidities F. Roselli
B06 Effects of early life stress on bone homeostasis and fracture healing M. Haffner-Luntzer
S. Reber
B08 Effects of peripheral and CNS trauma on the brains of healthy and Parkinson ́s Disease mouse models L. Dimou
K. Danzer

Elucidating the pathomechanisms of compromised fracture healing in osteoporosis: Consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction

A. Ignatius
J. Riegger-Koch
C02 Osteoblast differentiation-stage specific mechanisms of glucocorticoid action during fracture healing J. Tuckermann
A. Ignatius
C03 Intrinsic heterogeneity and interactions with niches regulate trauma-induced osteoblast dedifferentiation and migration during zebrafish regeneration G. Weidinger
C05 Role of ABCB5+ MSCs in niche homoeostasis and repair after trauma K. Scharffetter-Kochanek
C06 Enhancing recovery after traumatic brain injury (TBI) by genetic and pharmacological modulation of the PTEN/Akt pathway B. Knöll
C08 Glucocorticoids influence Schwann cell and macrophage responses in a mouse model of peripheral nerve injury S. Vettorazzi
S. Meyer zu  Reckendorf
Z01 Central Tasks of the Collaborative Research Centre F. Gebhard
Z02 Central project for trauma modeling, monitoring and diagnostics M. Huber-Lang
A. Ignatius
V. Rasche