A1Early barrier dysfunction after experimental and clinical polytraumaVideoM. Huber-Lang, F. Gebhard

Modulation of synaptic plasticity after trauma

VideoT. Böckers
A3Consequences of cell-type-specific NF-кB modulation for the outcome in traumatic brain injuryVideoTh. Wirth
A4Cell type-selective carriers for targeted pharmacological inhibition of Rho-/actindependent leukocyte recruitment into the alveolar space after blunt chest traumaVideoH. Barth, T. Weil
A5Cellular and molecular responses to trauma-induced damage of the distal respiratory epitheliumVideoM. Frick
A6PKD-mediated regulation of the subcortical actin cytoskeleton during trauma-induced extravasation of neutrophil granulocytesVideoT. Seufferlein, S. Paschke
A7Role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) in traumaVideoG. Strauß
B2H2S-related modulation of the trauma response in nicotine-caused COPDVideoP. Radermacher, M. Huber-Lang
B3Hyperoxia after haemorrhagic shock with pre-existing atherosclerosisVideo

P. Radermacher

B4Role of severe obesity in healing of muscle injuriesVideoU. Knippschild, M. Wabitsch
B5Ethanol intoxication as relevant comorbidity in traumatic brain injury: innovative approaches to neuro-protection in TBIVideoF. Roselli
C1Mechanisms of interleukin-6 action in trauma-induced impairment of bone regenerationVideoA. Ignatius
C2Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoid action during fracture healing after severe traumaVideoJ. Tuckermann, A. Ignatius
C3Trauma-induced signals promoting osteoblast plasticity and bone regeneration in the zebrafish finVideoG. Weidinger
C4The role of stem cell circulation in traumaVideoH. Geiger
C5Role of ABCB5+ MSCs in niche homoeostasis and repair after traumaVideoK. Scharffetter-Kochanek
C6The impact of traumatic brain injury on neuronal integrity and nerve regeneration: gene expression mechanisms and neuroprotective strategiesVideoB. Knöll
Z1Central project mangementF. Gebhard
Z2Trauma modelling and monitoringM. Huber-Lang, P. Radermacher, H. Schrezenmeier
Z3Trauma diagnosticsA. Ignatius, V. Rasche