We are pleased to announce the

SALVE 2D22 Symposium


taking place in presence at Ulm University, Germany from

April 4th - April 7th, 2022.

The symposium is dedicated to research on
low-voltage S/TEM for low-dimensional materials, their fabrication and property calculation and modification.

A raising star on the horizon of materials are the 2D quantum systems, ideally suited for low-voltage electron microscopic studies as they are atomically thin and of well-defined thickness, can act as low-background imaging substrates and a single projection image can often completely describe their atomic arrangements. Thus, they are a unique platform for understanding structural and electronic properties with single atom precision. The workshop intents to highlight symbiotic developments between low-voltage electron microscopy and low-D material creation as well as their property calculation and application. Thus, the workshop has an interdisciplinary character and intents to create a unique platform for bridging the diverse facets of low-D material science. One key point of the workshop is to deepen our understanding of the interaction of low-energy electrons with matter on the scale of the single atoms. In this perspective, the workshop will follow the legacy of previously organized SALVE symposia, to further strengthen the low-D — low-voltage community.




Local organizing committee:

Prof. Dr. Ute Kaiser
E-Mail: U. Kaiser

Dr. Johannes Biskupek
E-Mail: J. Biskupek

Manuel Mundszinger
E-Mail: M.Mundszinger


Workshop Office:

Adrian Greischel
Tel.: +49 (0)731/50-22951
E-Mail: A. Greischel


Directions to Ulm University

Locations of lecture theaters

The buildings N27 and TTU (To Train U) are located 2 walking minutes away from the tram station "Botanischer Garten". The two buildings are just next to each other.

Public transport is the easiest way to reach this destination. The tram number 2 and the bus number 5 and number 13 each stop at the "Botanischer Garten".

Limited fee-based parking spots are available in front of N27 and TTU. Further away are the covered car parks P40 and P20, that are also fee-based.