Papers in Edited Journals 2005

J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser, H. Lichte, A. Lenk, T. Gemming, G. Pasold, W. Witthuhn
"TEM-characterization of magnetic samarium- and cobalt-rich-nanocrystals formed in hexagonal SiC"
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 293 (2005) 924-937
electronic version 1200kb PDF-File

A. Chuvilin & U.Kaiser
"On the peculiarities of CBED pattern formation revealed by multislice simulation"
Ultramicroscopy 104 (2005) 73-82
electronic version 705kb PDF-File

Paper awarded the title cover of Ultramicroscopy Issue 104

V. Lebedev, V. Cimalla, U. Kaiser, Ch. Foerster, J. Pezoldt, J. Biskupek, and O. Ambacher
"Effect of nanoscale surface morphology on the phase stability of 3C-AlN films on Si(111)"
Journal of Applied Physics 97 (2005) 114306
electronic version 1160kb PDF-File

J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser, and K. Gärtner
"Matrix-dependent structure of GeSi nanocrystals in SiC"
Journal of Electron Microscopy 54 (2005) 493
electronic version 320kb PDF-File

A. Chuvilin, U. Kaiser, Q. de Robillard, and H.-J. Engelmann
"On the origin of HOLZ lines splitting near interface: multislice simulation of CBED patterns"
Journal of Electron Microscopy 54 (2005) 515
electronic version 290kb PDF-File