Institutsseminar & Oberseminar (Sommersemester 2015)

Ort & Zeit

Das Institutsseminar des Instituts für Mikro- und Nanomaterialien sowie das Oberseminar "Neue Materialien" finden im Sommersemester dienstags von 16:00 bis 18:00 im Seminarraum 47.2.228 statt.


21. April 2015I & O-Vorbesprechung Seminare & Einteilung der Termine
28. April 2015IKai BrühneSafety Instructions (General, X-Rays & Laser)
5. Mai 2015O--
12. Mai 2015OJules DakeGrain rotations during coarsening in a semisolid Al-Cu alloy
19. Mai 2015IAriful Banna UdoyEnhancing the electrochemical properties of diamond microelectroedes for the detection of neurotransmitter
ORaphael ZellerEpitaxy and characterization of InGaN/GaN-LEDs on patterned sapphire substrates
26. Mai 2015IArdeshir MoeinianMaster-Abschlussvortrag: Spectrosciopic charaterization of conductive nanocrystalline diamond films
IChristian BlascyzkMaster-Abschlussvortrag: Hall-Messungen an leitfähigen nanokristallinen Diamantfilmen
2. Juni 2015OHristian NaumoskiInvestigation of the influence of global stresses and strains on the magnetic properties of electrical steels with varying alloying content and grain size
9. Juni 2015OPierre DenisVarying nanostructure and mechanical properties of Zr-based thin film metallic glasses by magnetron sputtering under different working pressures
OMichael MertensSecond Generation HF-CVD
16. Juni 2015OBenjamin RiedmüllerDetection and manipulation of single magnetic particles with µm-sized GMR sensors in fluidic environment
23. Juni 2015

Thomas Ott

Latest results: Accelerated Ageing of CIGS Thin FIlm Solar Cells
IAnton ManinSimulation and modeling of grain growth using a misorientation-dependent phase field model
26. Juni 2015
ODan ZhuNew methods in nanomedicine inspired by the study of biological applications of nanocrystalline diamond films
30. Juni 2015IRunbang ShaoExchange Bias in Granular Ferromagnet/Antiferromagnet Nanostructures
7. Juli 2015OMichael SimonQuantification and Modeling of Nanoparticles in Sedimentation Experiments
OMarkus MohrUltra Small Diamond Structures - Micromechanical Measurement of Elastic Modulus by Cantilever Bending
14. Juli 2015---
21. Juli 2015IHarald LangLeitfähige nanokristalline Diamantfilme und ihr elektrisches Leistungsverhalten im statischen und dynamischen Betrieb
17. August 2015
OJianzhong JiangGlass under pressure

 I = Institutsseminar
O = Oberseminar


Dr. Kai Brühne & Prof. Carl E. Krill