Seminar für funktionelle Nanosysteme

Das Seminar für funktionelle Nanosysteme findet in Kooperation des Instituts für  Elektronische Bauelemente und Schaltungen und des Instituts für Funktionelle Nanosysteme statt.


16.10.2018Jan-Patrick ScholzFNS (Opto)First GaN HEMTs and HVPE curvature measurements


Parastoo SalimitariEBSBending Analysis of Silicon Nanowire Beams during Contact Printing
Vignesh DevakiFNS (Opto)Depth Resolution of 3-D Indirect Time of Flight Cameras
30.10.2018Michael RoosEBSSilicon Nanowire Field-Effect-Transistors for Cellular Lung Analytics
Jassim Shahbaz
FNS (Opto)Hydrogen Sulfide Sensing with GaN/GaInN
13.11.2018Ardeshir Moeinian EBSData analysis in Raman Spectroscopy
Martin SchneidereitFNS (Opto)Liquid sensing with InGaN heterostructures
20.11.2018Raphael ZellerFNS (MNM)Fractal abnormal grain growth: an update on the simulation algorithm
Madeleine NilsenEBSFunctional microcantilever systems
27.11.2018Sandra RiedmüllerFNS (Opto) / UMSComparative investigation of lattice-matched ternary and quaternary barriers for GaN-based HEMTs
Mingyan WangFNS (MNM)Reverse engineering the kinetics of grain growth
Ashkan Djaberi
EBSNucleation of catalyst-free silicon nanowire
Markus MillerFNS (Opto)Gain- or Loss-Induced Refractive Index Sensing: Investigations on Grating-Coupled Sensors with RCWA
11.12.2018Prof. Mo LiGeorgia Tech, AtlantaPattern heterogeneities and nanoglass: An effective path to harden and toughen metallic glasses
Oliver RettigFNS (Opto)Epitaxial Growth of Boron Containing AlGaN Layers - First Investigations with Tri-isopropyl-boron
Arezo Behroudj
EBSEpitaxial Growth of Silicon Nanowires on Native Silicon Oxide by using Alloy Catalysts
08.01.2019Markus PolanikFNS (Opto)High-Power Optically Pumped Semiconductor Disk Lasers Without Substrate Removal
Runbang ShaoFNS (MNM)Granular Magnetic Exchange Coupling Nano-Composites
15.01.2019Florian OstermaierFNS (MNM)Force and Viscosity Measurements using Magnetic Nanoparticls
Filip DominecFNS (Opto)InGaN/GaN quantum-well sensors: numerical analysis of time-resolved spectra
Ahmed Chnani
EBSSynthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Hematite Photoanodes for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Anja IpsenFNS (Opto)Investigations of Mg-doped GaN layers as current-blocking layers in VFET
29.01.2019Tobias PuschFNS (Opto)Increasing the Birefringence in VCSEL via Integrated Surface-Grating
Raum & Zeit

Raum: Uni-West 45.2.101

Zeit: Dienstags 16-18