Institutsseminar & Oberseminar (Sommersemester 2014)

Ort & Zeit

Das Institutsseminar des Instituts für Mikro- und Nanomaterialien sowie das Oberseminar "Neue Materialien" finden im Sommersemester mittwochs von 16:00 bis 18:00 im Seminarraum 47.2.228 statt.


23. April 2014I & O-Vorbesprechung Seminare & Einteilung der Termine
30. April 2014IKai BrühneSafety Instructions (General, X-Rays & Laser)
7. Mai 2014
ICole ShattoMaster-Abschlussvortrag: Spatial and orientational tracking of coarsening in semisolid Al-Cu by 3DXRD microscopy
14. Mai 2014OMarkus MohrNews from Ph.D. Thesis: Plastic deformation in nanocrystalline diamond
21. Mai 2014
OHristian NaumoskiNews from Ph.D. Thesis : Influence of cutting procedure on the properties of non-oriented electrical steel
28. Mai 2014O--
4. Juni 2014OMichael MertensNews from Ph.D. Thesis: Hydrophobicity on nanocrystalline diamond
11. Juni 2014OEgor KanzMaster-Abschlussvortrag: Specific nanostructuring of MR(SV) sensors for local detection of magnetic particles
18. Juni 2014ODan ZhuPh.D. Project Overview
25. Juni 2014OMike HaddadNews from Ph.D. Thesis:
In-situ SEM tensile test investigation for high strength nanocrystalline medium carbon steel processed by warm high pressure torsion (WHPT)
2. Juli 2014I--
9. Juli 2014IPierre UllrichMaster-Midtermvortrag:Investigation of thermal conductivity and Young's modulus of nanocrystalline diamond
16. Juli 2014IMeng LiMaster-Midtermvortrag:
Measuring the magnetization of single particles by magnetic on-chip manipulation
23. Juli 2014IArezo BehroudjMaster-Midtermvortrag:
Fabrication and characterization of piezoresistive pressure sensors using nc-diamond films
30. Juli 2014OProf. Dr. Jian-Zhong JiangStructural evolution in liquid Cd during heating and in Nb, V and Mg liquids during cooling

 I = Institutsseminar
O = Oberseminar


Dr. Kai Brühne & Prof. Carl E. Krill