Materials Science II / Advanced Materials Science


Ceramics and Glasses

  • structure of ceramics
  • processing
  • mechanical properties
  • glasses: structure and properties


  • structure of polymers
  • mechanical properties
  • composites

Electrical Properties

  • metals and alloys
  • dielectrics
  • piezo - and ferroelectrics
  • ionic conductivity


  • band structure
  • intrinsic semiconductors
  • extinsic semiconductors
  • junctions (p-n, Schottky)
  • zone refinement
  • thin films

Magnetic Properties

  • magnetic phenomena
  • micromagnetism
  • soft and hard magnets
  • nanomagnetism

 Optical Properties

  • interaction of light with solids
  • reflection, absorption, transmission, color
  • applications: luminescence, photovoltaics


lecture : Prof. Ulrich Herr

exercise tutor: Runbang Shao

Dates and Times

Lecture and Exercises :

 Monday, 8:30-10,   room 47.2.101

 Thursday, 12:15-14:00,  room 43.2.104


First lecture: 25.4.2019



Participation in the exercises is a prerequisite for the final examination.

Problem sheets can be found on the moodle site for this course.


Exam details will be announced here.


William D. Callister, Materials Science and Engineering - An Introduction, Wiley

J.M.D. Coey, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Cambridge University Press, 2010

David Jiles, Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Chapman and Hall/CRC

M. Fox, Optical Properties of Solids, Oxford University Press, 2010


Lecture Materials

Lecrture materials will be avaible via the moodle system of Ulm University (you can use the password of the Materials Science I course).