Materials Science II / Advanced Materials Science


Ceramics and Glasses

  • structure of ceramics
  • processing
  • mechanical properties
  • glasses: structure and properties


  • structure of polymers
  • mechanical properties
  • composites

Electrical Properties

  • metals and alloys
  • dielectrics
  • piezo - and ferroelectrics
  • ionic conductivity


  • band structure
  • intrinsic semiconductors
  • extinsic semiconductors
  • junctions (p-n, Schottky)
  • zone refinement
  • thin films

Magnetic Properties

  • magnetic phenomena
  • micromagnetism
  • soft and hard magnets
  • nanomagnetism

 Optical Properties

  • interaction of light with solids
  • reflection, absorption, transmission, color
  • applications: luminescence, photovoltaics




lecture : Prof. Ulrich Herr

exercise tutor: Ashley Dalmeida

Lecture and exercise will take place in presence.

Dates and Times

Lecture and Exercises :

 Monday, 10-12,   room 43.2.102

 Thursday, 12:15-14:00,  room 43.2.104

First lecture: Monday 17. 4. 2023

Lecture and exercise will take place in presence.


Participation in the exercises is a prerequisite for the final examination.

Problem sheets can be found on the moodle site for this course.


Exam details will be announced here.


William D. Callister, Materials Science and Engineering - An Introduction, Wiley

J.M.D. Coey, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Cambridge University Press, 2010

David Jiles, Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Chapman and Hall/CRC

M. Fox, Optical Properties of Solids, Oxford University Press, 2010


Lecture Materials

Lecrture materials will be avaible via the moodle system of Ulm University.