Seminar für funktionelle Nanosysteme SS19

Im Seminar für funktionelle Nanosysteme stellen die Doktorandes des Instituts für Funktionelle Nanosysteme ihre neusten Forschungsergebnisse vor.


07. Mai 2019Kai BrühneVorbesprechung & Termineinteilung
14. Mai 2019-kein Seminar
21. Mai 2019-kein Seminar
28. Mai 2019Martin SchneidereitLiquid sensing with InGaN biosensors
Tobias PuschIncreasing the Birefringence in VCSEL
04. Juni 2019Jan-Patrick ScholzFirst HEMTs on P-GaN and first 3D growth
11. Juni 2019Markus MillerProcessing and Static Characterization of Transmission Modulators for 850 nm and 940 nm
Oliver RettigEpitaxial Growth of AlBGaN and its Challenges
18. Juni 2019Florian OstermaierTesting energy landscapes with trapped magnetic beads
Raphael ZellerFractal abnormal grain growth in nanocrystalline Pd—10 at% Au: a simulation study comparing possible mechanisms
25. Juni 2019Runbang ShaoGranualar Magnetic Exchange Coupling Nano-Composites
Jassim ShahbazHighly Sensitive Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor
02. Juli 2019Mingyan WangRetrieving the kinetics of grain growth from time-resolved 3DXRD measurements
09. Juli 2019Sandra RiedmüllerComparative investigation of lattice-matched ternary and quaternary barriers for GaN-based HEMTs
16. Juli 2019Dr. Marten Walther
(MW-ProcessConsult GmbH)
Introduction into "Design of Experiments" - a method to develop stable processes
23. Juli 2019Yue DongStructure, mechanical properties and post-processing of nano-structured metallic glasses
Raum & Zeit

Raum: Uni-West 45.2.101

Zeit: Dienstags 16:15 - 17:45