Project - High-Frequency Amplifier Design

Study Programmes

Master Elektrotechnik > Praxismodul
Master Informationssystemtechnik > Praxismodul
Master Communication and Information Technology > Practical Module


Lecture/Exercise - Integrated High-Frequency Circuits


In this course, the students will learn the entire design flow of a low noise RF amplifier from an ideal first hand model to its physical realization. After the configuration and evaluation of EM- and circuit simulators an implementation of suitable testbenches in ADS and evaluation of relevant design parameters such as MSG, MAG, K/µ-Factor, P1db, IM3, NF is performed. After this design phase, the resulting amplifier will be assembled and measured and a comparison and discussion of potential discrepancies between simulation and measurement results will be performed.


•    Small-signal design, optimization and verification of a low-noise RF amplifier
•    Discussion and comparison of different design strategies
•    Utilization of EM-schematic co-simulation in a state-of-the-art design environment
•    Robustness optimization by means of sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulation
•    Soldering and assembly of the designed amplifier

ENGB 75096


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dietmar Kissinger



SWS: 4