Millimeter-Wave Radar Transceiver Frontends

The institute investigates and developes silicon-based highly-integrated circuits for radar sensing in automotive and industrial environments at frequencies up to the submillimeter-wave/THz regime. For these radar platforms highly compact versions with in-package and on-chip antennas and coupling structures are used.

Wireless Gigabit/Sec. Communications Transceivers

In the area of wireless communication systems the institute researches and developes extremely broadband transceiver circuits for future 5G/6G mobile communication standards, wireless backhaul/fronthaul solutions and non-stationary satellite communication links in the millimeter-wave and THz frequency spectrum.

Broadband Electronic-Photonic Interfaces

Another important field of research at the institute is the design of broadband circuits for electro-optical interfaces, including the monolithic integration of such components in state-of-the-art electronic-photonic technologies. In this context, also novel electronic-photonic high-frequency circuit concepts are investigated.

Integrated High-Frequency Measurement and Sensors

In the area of measurement technologies and sensors the focus of the institute lies on research and development of broadband circuits for vector network analysis in the millimeter-wave and THz frequency range. Related applications are device characterization, human breath spectroscopy and biomedical cell analysis.