Workshop Themes

We put this year workshop under the theme “Towards a Natural Interaction with Robots, Knowbots and Smartphones”, which covers:

• Dialog for robot interaction (including ethics)

• Dialog for Open Domain knowledge access

• Dialog for interacting with Smartphones

• Mediated dialog (including multilingual dialog involving Speech Translation)

• Dialog quality evaluation

We particularly welcome papers that can be illustrated by a demonstration.

We would also like to encourage the discussion of common issues of theories, applications, evaluation, limitations, general tools and techniques, and therefore also invite the submission of original papers in any related area, including but not limited to:

  • Speech recognition and understanding,
  • Dialog management,
  • Adaptive dialog modeling,
  • Recognition of emotions from speech, gestures, facial expressions and physiological data,
  • Emotional and interactional dynamic profile of the speaker during dialog,
  • User modeling,
  • Planning and reasoning capabilities for coordination and conflict description,
  • Conflict resolution in complex multi-level decisions,
  • Multi-modality such as graphics, gesture and speech for input and output,
  • Fusion, fission and information management,
  • Learning and adaptability,
  • Visual processing and recognition for advanced human-computer interaction,
  • Spoken Dialog databases and corpora, including methodologies and ethics,
  • Objective and subjective Spoken Dialog evaluation methodologies, strategies and paradigms,
  • Spoken Dialog Prototypes and products, …