Safety: General remarks

General questions of security are handled by the by lab and fire regulations of the University of Ulm. They are the base for safe and secure working at our University.

Working instructions clarify special conditions and are only valid for the specified labour.

The Microelectronic Technology Center provides special working instructions for visitors, guests, as well as for the employees (including students) which have personal access to the cleanroom or the peripheral technology.

Guests are always supervised by employees in the function of a host. The working instructions are therefore much shorter and have to be communicated to the guest by his host.

Visitors get a guided tour through our cleanroom and do not work with critical substances.  Safety regulations are provided by plastic cards at the entrance and have to be distributed to each visitor by the guide.

In case of an accident please obey the special instructions.

Work with hazardous chemicals is regulated on a general basis by the university. Special information can be obtained by studying the material safety data sheets which are provided on intranet.

Additional information is provided on the (german) webpages  Gestis and  DIMDI (medical database).

General questions concerning work with chemicals can be clarified with our internal contact persons in the institutes.

Special questions can be clarified with the safety engineer Carlo Mildner or safety officers in the institutes.

Waste disposal especially for chemicals is provided by the university. Contact is maintained by Annette Geiger.

Industrial medicine support is provided by an external company with an office in the university.


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Working with chemicals

special questions:
Annette Geiger annette.geiger(at)
Susanne Menzel susanne.menzel(at)

general questions:

Eckart Kaufmann Dez. V-5 eckart.kaufmann(at)

Disposal of chemicals

See Webpage of our central organisation for safety at work and environment protection (german)

special questions: Annette Geiger annette.geiger(at)

general Questions: Rudolf Dick Dez V-5 rudolf.dick(at)

Safety engineer

UNI WEST: Dr. Ulrich Ratschker ulrich.ratschker(at)

Industrial Health Care

Telephone: 0731 / 500-66190   
Fax: 0731 / 500-66189