Research at Department Human Factors

The department Human Factors is engaged with different aspects of the interaction between humans and technology from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The aim of our research is to develop psychological theories and models based on empirical results, as well as to develop and evaluate design concepts grounded on them.

Therefore, questions relating to driver-vehicle interaction, such as the design and evaluation of cooperative interaction with highly automated vehicles, multimodal user interfaces in cars and the development of trust and user experience play an important role.

Besides, an important part of our research concerns general questions of traffic psychology. This includes understanding dynamic situations, hazard perception, anticipation, distraction and self-regulatory processes or cooperative behaviour.

Moreover, we also look at psychological basic information of human behaviour in human-robot interaction and in the interaction with technical automated systems in the area of industry 4.0.

On the following pages you will find detailed information about our research projects and the Driver-Vehicle Interaction Lab.