Dr. rer. nat. Johannes Kraus

10/2023 Junior professor at the University of Mainz
10/2020 Postdoctoral researcher in the department Human Factors at Ulm University
Head of subject area Human-Robot-Interaction
08/2020 PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) at Ulm University with the thesis „Psychological Processes in the Formation and Calibration of Trust in Automation“
Since 03/2014 Research assistant at the Department of Human Factors of Ulm University
2013 - 2014 Employee at the Spiegel Institut Mannheim with focus on usability and user experience in the car
2010 - 2013 M.Sc. Psychology at University of Mannheim
2007 - 2010 B.Sc. Psychology at University of Mannheim

Principal Investigator of the Competence Center for the Investigation and Evaluation oft he Human-Robot Interaction in Public Spaces (ZEN-MRI, www.zen-mri.de)

Research interests

  • Trust in Intelligent Systems/AI:
    • Dynamic trust processes in human-machine interaction
    • Psychological variables influencing perception, evaluation and interaction with technical systems, e.g. state anxiety, technology-related attitudes
    • Emphasis on the role of user personality
    • Measurement of trust variables
    • Role of perceived fairness, security and privacy of intelligent systems
    • The role of errors, transparency, explainability on trust in intelligent systems
    • User adaptive design of trust repair strategies
  • Human-Robot Interaction:
    • Person- and system-related influences on the interaction with (service) robots
    • Human-centered design processes in human-robot interaction
    • Trustworthy and acceptable human-robot interaction
    • Behavioural Modeling
    • Inclusive design to enhance accessibility
  • Driver-Vehicle Interaction:
    • User Personality and role of user states
    • Trust processes
    • Psychological investigation of user perception and decision making
    • Human-centered design of highly automated vehicles
  • Anthropomorphism:
    • Design and consequences of human-like design of automated systems
    • Measurement of the Tendency to Anthropomorphize
    • Psychological Basis of the Uncanny Valley
  • Technology Acceptance
    • Role of beliefs
    • Role of user preferences


Johannes Kraus
Junior professor at the University of Mainz

Johannes Kraus
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