Sarang Jokhio

Since 10/2020 Research Assistant at the Department of Human Factors, Ulm University
2017-2019 Research Assistant, Smart Traffic Research Lab, Korea National University of Transportation, Uiwang, South Korea
2017-2019 Master of Science in Transportation System Engineering, Korea National University of Transportation, Uiwang, South Korea
2013-2016 Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro Pakistan

Mr Sarang Jokhio is currently a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher and a doctoral student at Department of Human Factors. His current research is focused on human factors in Autonomous Vehicles under ‘SHAPE-IT’ project. More specifically he is investigating cooperative interaction strategies between Automated Vehicles and mixed motorized traffic. Before Arriving in Germany, he was a research assistant at Smart Traffic Research Lab at Korea National University of Transportation (KNUT), South Korea. He completed his Master of Science degree in Transportation System Engineering from KNUT in August, 2019. During his Masters in South Korea he worked on different projects funded by Korean National Police Agency and other government organisations.  Most of his work during masters was focused on development and calibration of microscopic traffic simulation models. He also worked on two other projects related to traffic safety and driver psychology. During his Masters, he got interested in automate vehicles and human factors research. He then completed his master’s thesis on intersection control for connected and autonomous vehicles. Mr. Jokhio also holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan.


Sarang Jokhio
Research Assistant

Sarang Jokhio
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Consultation hours
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Research interests

  • Interaction and cooperation between automated vehicles and motorized road users
  • Human Factors
  • Traffic safety


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Jokhio, Sarang., Kim, Jin-Tae., (2019)., “International Drivers’ Comprehension of Traffic Control Devices: A Case study for Foreign Drivers Living in South Korea”.10th International Civil Engineering Conference, Karachi, Pakistan

Hussain, Shahid., Jokhio, Sarang., Kim, Jin-Tae., (2019). ”Study on Reducing Delay, Fuel Consumption and Emissions on an Urban Arterial Network Using Traffic Flow Optimization”, Korean Institute of ITS Conference, Jeju, South Korea

Kim, Jin-Tae., Kim, Joo-Young., Jokhio, Sarang., (2018)., “Study on Drivers’ Perception-Reaction Times Against Different Types of Traffic Signals”, ITS World Congress 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jokhio, Sarang., Cho, Yong Bin., Kim, Jin-Tae, (2018). “ A Study on Safety and Mobility of Right Turn Treat-ment Methods using Microscopic Simulation”, Korean Institute of ITS Conference, Jeju, South Korea