Linda Miller, M.Sc.

Since 11/2019 Research Assistant at the Department of Human Factors of Ulm University
2021-2023 Freelancer for quantitative research methods lecture at Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart
2017-2021 Freelancer for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalwesen e. V.
2017-2019 M.Sc. Psychology at Ulm University
2017-2018 Working Student at Daimler AG
2017 International Internship at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation in Kawasaki, Japan
2017 Internship at Daimler AG
2015-2019 Student Assistant at Ulm University for Human Factors, Work and Organizational Psychology and Methodology
2015-2016 Tutor for Statistics at Ulm University

B.Sc. Psychology at Ulm University


Linda Miller
Research Assistant


Linda Miller
☎ +49-(0)731/50 26510
℻ +49-(0)731/50 31749
Π 45.3.110

On appointment

Research Interests

  • Highly automated driving in urban environments
  • Interaction, cooperation and communication between automated vehicles and motorized road users
  • Information processing and intention recognition of vehicles, implications for decision-making processes in driving
  • User-centered design of the interface and interaction between humans and automated technical systems, including automated vehicles, robots and AI-based technologies
  • Usability and UX design, innovative HMI design

Courses Psychology

  • Designing Driver-Vehicle-Interaction for (highly) automated vehicles (SoSe20, WiSe22/23)
  • Investigation of Psychological Processes in Automated Driving (WiSe20/21)
  • Kooperation im Straßenverkehr (WiSe20/21)
  • Cooperation in traffic (SoSe21, WiSe21/22)
  • Aktuelle Fragen der Mensch-Roboter Interaktion / Current issues in human-robot interaction (SoSe21)
  • Verkehrspsychologie (SoSe22, SoSe23)



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